Please note that by law, shoot hours in Pacific Palisades are between 7 AM and 10 PM.


This house currently does not have central air conditioning, which you may want to take into consideration if shooting during peak summer months.


It is absolutely critical that you have FULL liability insurance including full worker's comp.




1,956 square feet, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 office den, garage. Built in 1956 but much of the house was upgraded in 2000. The living room/dining area has open beam ceilings (good for high overhead shots or positioning lights above your set) and has many French doors which light this area of the house. Kitchen has a skylight.


House is located on a dead end street so it's pretty quiet and safe for cast and crew. This home is located in the MARQUEZ KNOLLS area of Pacific Palisades -- This home is not in the HIGHLANDS or CASTELLAMMARE areas.


House has large banquet table (useful for lunch for the crew).


5 patio chairs, 4 wood dining chairs, 2 couches, 1 office chair.


Various tools including table saw, ladder, etc.




Please don't scrape gear (such as light stands and cases) across the hardwood floor.


Please be respectful of the neighbors.




Below is some other information that might be helpful for producers who have never filmed in Pacific Palisades: (NOTE: The accuracy and completeness of the information provided below cannot be guaranteed)


CLICK HERE to read about special filming conditions for Pacific Palisades as outlined by If their site is down you can download the same document here. Here are some of the highlights of their conditions:


Production companies may not arrive in the area prior to 7:00 a.m. and must depart no later than 10:00 p.m.


No weekend or holiday filming unless approved by FilmLA


Parking of production equipment is limited to one side of the street.


Film company vehicles shall not interfere with gardener’s activities, trash pick up, safe use of streets or access to resident driveways, unless approved by the affected residents.


According to (as of 6/23/2014) the basic permit fees are:
Application - $625
Fire Spot Check - $85
Notification - $155

Filming in the Palisades often also requires the following:
**FilmL.A. Monitor - $30 per hour, time and a half after 8 hours, double time after 12. They are scheduled to arrive 1 hour prior to the permitted start time.
**Fire Officer (if a large cast/crew and/or use of any generator) - $64 per hour (4 hr minimum plus 1 hour travel time).

Please create an account and log into to start your permit.

Please allow 3 business days before your first shoot date for us to process the permit.


Local Restaurants / Fast Food in order of nearest to farthest away:


Vitorio's - 16646 Marquez Ave - Upscale Italian sit down restaurant or take out. Closed Monday.

Domino's - 16605 Sunset Blvd #103 at Marquez Ave.

Ronnie's convenience store - Serves lunch (burgers, fries, etc) - 16642 Marquez Ave


Sunset / PCH:

Rocco's Cucina - 17338 W Sunset Blvd - Hand tossed pizza, Italian food take out

Subway - 17334 Sunset Blvd

Fiesta Feast - 17336 Sunset Blvd - Mediterranean / Mexican fast food for take out

Von's Grocery store


Palisades Village stores:

Panda Express - 15207 Sunset Blvd

Pearl Dragon Restaurant / Bar - 15229 Sunset Blvd

Panda Express - 15207 Sunset Blvd

Taj Palace Indian Cuisine - 15200 Sunset Blvd

Beech Street Cafe - 863 N Swarthmore Ave

Kay 'n Dave's - 15246 Sunset Blvd

Piccolo Retrovo - 15415 Sunset Blvd


Grocery Stores:

Von's - 17380 Sunset Blvd - Open 'til 1 AM

Gelson's Grocery Store - 15424 Sunset Blvd - Open 'til 10 PM

Ralph's Grocery Store - 15120 Sunset Blvd - Open 'til midnight