UPDATE: No longer to be offered as a vacation rental or transition home


Please note that rates and terms for vacation rentals are different than for film shoots. Click here for film shoot rental details. Please inquire for lease information.


NOTE: Rates, terms and details are subject to change. These ratese apply to short-term bookings (transiet occupancy -- not lease) made through or directly. Available for lease in Fall of 1016 if not sooner. Air BnB rates are higher. For most current details please visit the VRBO listing for lowest price. No refunds if you paid more because you booked with Air BnB. Note that there is no Los Angeles City transiet occupancy tax (TOT) for stays of 31 days or more. As a result, it makes more sense to book for 31 days rather than for 22 to 30 days, even if you only plan on staying for 22 days. Please check the VRBO listing for latest policy.




** Short-term rates of 30 days or less are subject to 14% Los Angeles City imposed transient occupancy tax (TOT). This tax does not apply to stays of 31 nights or more.

** Maid service is not included.

** Add $150 cleaning fee.



$1,000 security deposit for stays of 10 days or longer

$1,500 security deposit for stays of 8 to 9 days

$2,000 security deposit for stays of 6 to 7 days

$2,500 security deposit for stays of 5 days

$3,000 security deposit for stays of 4 days


Must provide copy of passport and/or driver's license at time of booking and check-in.


list PAYMENT TERMS: Advance Payment of‭ 50% ‬is due immediately to reserve the Property. Final Balance Payment is due at least 45 days before Check-In Date.


list CANCELLATION POLICY: 100% refund less a $300 cancellation fee if canceled at least 45 days before Check-in Date. No refund of Rental Rate and TOT tax if canceled less than 45 days before Check-in Date. 100% refund of security deposit & cleaning fee. Please consider traveler's insurance.


list Accepted forms of payment include HomeAway payments (credit card), POP Money bank to bank transfer, cashier's check and personal check. ‬This home is for pre-planned stays -- Not last minute bookings. For reservations made less than 14 days before arrival or for any stay of more than 31 nights, at least 50% of your Total Payment ‭Due must be made through either‬ cashier’s check or POP Money bank-to-bank transfer (USA only). No personal checks accepted less than 30 before check-in. No cashier's checks less than 14 days before check-in. If mailing a check payment please use FedEx, UPS or US Postal Service with delivery confirmation.

VERY IMPORTANT: Your name must match the name on credit card used for payment. You also must provide a scanned image of your photo ID at time of reservation (no cell phone images). You must also present your ID again at check-in.


list Person making payment must match the name of the person signing the agreement. If not, homeowner reserves the right to refuse to book that guest. If the person making the reservation is different that the person making payment, then homeowner may still book the guest but require a different payment method or combination of payment methods.


list Must scan provide image of passport and/or driver's license at time of reservation (and upon arrival). No cell phone images.


list All rates and terms are subject to change.


list Transient occupancy terms and conditions differ from 12-month lease terms and conditions. This website covers transient occupancy terms.


list You are encouraged to have a representative (such as a local realtor) come by to inspect the home to make sure that it's everything that you are expecting. This is highly recommended wherever you may choose to stay. Also see this listing on VRBO.


Quiet, safe cul-de-sac retreat!


This house is nestled up in the hills almost at the end of a dead-end street. If you prefer to be safer and more secluded rather than near the Palisades Village or the "Skid Row by the Sea" homeless encampment, then this house is a great choice. This home is located exactly 1.9 miles from the beach at Sunset Blvd and Pacific Coast Highway. It's also 0.7 miles from a small group of stores on Marquez Avenue and Sunset Blvd, where you will find Vitorio’s restaurant, a convenience store / liquor store, drug store, nail salon, Dominoes pizza, etc.

list 2.2 million dollar home surrounded by 3 to 4 million dollar homes.

list 1,956 square feet.

list Fresh, clean, always non-smoking home that has a simple, impersonal feel.

list 2 newly purchased high end LivingSpaces couches.

list Brand new carpeting in 2 bedrooms and hallway.

list Newly painted bedrooms, hallway and living room.

list 3 bedroom / 2 bath (each with tub & shower)/ 1 office / 1 car garage / room for 1 more car in driveway.

list Sleeps 6 (keep in mind that there are only 3 beds)

list 2 of 3 beds feature brand new LivingSpaces bed frames and mattresses (1 Cal King and 1 queen).

list Brand new bedding, sheets, pillows for all 3 beds.

list 3 Bedrooms feature Cal King (brand new medium firm mattress), 2 queens (1 brand new medium firm mattress, 1 older firm mattress).

list Also brand new are: sheets, blankets, mattress protectors, 10 large towels, 8 hand towels,

list Super quiet cul-de-sac. Often the only traffic heard all night might be the security patrol car making a round and the 5 AM newspaper delivery car. Neighbors on the street are are retirees, professionals and families.
list House was built in 1956, but upgraded in 1999 with hardwood floors and french doors in the living room, bay windows in 2 bedrooms and in the kitchen, kitchen was also remodeled with new cabinets, counter tops and appliances, and new bathrooms. Since then other improvements include new carpeting in 2 bedrooms and the hallways in 2015.
list Flat panel TV in living room, one in bedroom and one in office / gym area.
list Gymnasium quality elliptical trainer.
list 1 car attached garage.
list Exactly 2 miles from the beach at Sunset Blvd & Pacific Coast Highway.
list 2 small bathrooms (each bath with shower + tub).
list Washer and dryer
list Hi-speed wired Internet access in each bedroom.
list Wireless Internet connectivity too.
list Free wired Ooma VOIP phone service in all 3 bedrooms and kitchen plus cordless phone docked in living room. Free unlimited Ooma calls throughout USA only.
list Very small propane grill outside.

list Kitchen amenities include microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher, 8 plates, 5 bowls, 8 large glasses, 6 small glasses, 4 wine glasses, box grater / shredder, strainer, garlic press, potato press, wheat grinder, carrot peeler, cleaver, large serrated knife, wood spatula, plastic spatula, orange press, Pyrex juicer, powered juicer, Osterizer blender, assortment of silverware, 4 steak knives, etc.

list Maid service is not provided but references are provided if you wish to hire a maid.

list ONE complimentary "Maid Service" day provided by the Homeowner if you wish (for each 30 day stay).

list Gardener included.



Things to consider....

list No view.

list Absolutely NO smoking inside.

list No large dogs allowed.

list No dogs of any size allowed from May 15 to Sep 30.

list No dogs allowed under lease agreement. *

list One small to medium-sized dog of 3 years or older is allowed if guest(s) will be staying for 31 nights or longer under under transient occupancy agreement only. There is however a mandatory $200 pet fee. This "pet fee" does not cover pet damage beyond normal pet wear and tear (Examples that are not considered normal pet wear and tear include dog ripping up part of a couch, biting up a TV remote, etc).*

list One and done dog policy: After the first guest party with a dog rents this home, no more pets will be allowed for future rentals. *

list Landlord reserves the right to not allow dogs under unusual and unforeseen circumstances that may cause excessive damage to the home or cause problems with the neighbors. Please inform landlord about any issues that may present a problem. (Examples: Some dogs druel excessively. Dogs that habitually bark a lot would create problems with the neighbors who go to bed early)

list Absolutely no cats allowed. Home owner is allergic to cats.

list No air conditioning until summer 2016. House does include 3 fans. Many homes in the Palisades have no AC because it just rarely gets very hot here like it does in the San Fernando Valley as well an inland. When it does get up into the high 80's or low 90's a fan usually suffices. During heat waves, at night the temperature will typically drop to as low as 70 degrees, so opening windows and turning on fans is almost the equivalent of "air conditioning". Also because this house is located in a small canyon, it does not get direct sunlight until the later part of the morning. August is typically the hottest month.

list People other than those in the Guest party set forth in the contract agreement may may not stay overnight in the property. Any other person in the property is the sole responsibility of Guest.

list Maximum Occupancy: The maximum number of overnight guests is limited to 5 persons. Only those persons listed in the Rental Party (in contract) may occupy the property overnight. The Guest may invite up to ten additional persons onto the property for a social gathering, but not for an overnight stay.

list NO EVENTS of any kind are allowed on the property. This is a HOUSE in a residential neighborhood and is NOT a hotel and is NOT an event center. Guest agrees to NOT have any type of event at the house, including (but not limited to) Wedding, Stag or Stagette party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, or ANY OTHER event.

list QUIET TIME: 10 PM until 9 AM is “quiet time” EVERY evening!  Guest acknowledges that one of the attractions of this home is its location on a quiet Cul-de-sac with neighbors living in close proximity who all seem to go to bed early. All noise including loud talking and music and other sounds will be moved indoors during the hours designated as “quiet time”.

list GUEST PROMISES: 1) Not to act in a loud, boisterous, unruly or thoughtless manner or disturb the rights of neighbors to peace and quiet, or allow his/her guests to do so; 2) to use the home only as a private residence, and not to engage in any activity or allow any condition that is illegal or dangerous or which would cause a cancellation, restriction, or increase in premium in renter’s insurance or allow his/her guests to do so.

list It is recommended that you have an associate (such as a realtor) come visit the house before booking.

list It is always recommended that you get renter's insurance.

list Cancellation policy: There is a $1,000 non-refundable reservation fee required to book the property, however it is credited to your rental fee if you follow through with the stay.


*Service dog or other medical dog is allowed according to law.

** In accordance with housing laws, continual efforts will be made to re-rent the home on short notice. Then if successful you will be refunded based on pro-rated re-rent. Keep in mind that it may be difficult to re-rent the home 60 days out. Few families are looking for a vacation house on such short notice. This is why it is critical that you be sure that you want to rent before you put down a deposit to rent. Of course if you wait, someone else may reserve this home.


Why is there a cancellation policy? Most vacationers book months in advance. The window of opportunity to book is short. If you cancel with only a few months left until the Summer season, this can often translate to lost booking time. Also I will be booking accommodations of my own, which may not be cancelable or I will incur a penalty by canceling.


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